Thursday, November 24, 2011


Today is Thanksgiving and I'm not home. Nor am I eating a turkey.
Surprisingly enough I'm so thankful for it.

I went on a sanity pushing, whirlwind, relaxing, much needed road trip and find myself at my cousin's (one of the most comfortable houses in the world) now who are waiting on their son to celebrate their Thanksgiving tomorrow. After our lunch I will depart for the airport and continue my journey home through the clouds. Truth be told I wish it wasn't tomorrow. I wish I had a few more days. But that feels like escaping reality and responsibility and only boring people do that (Boring people also blog when they should be baking pies).

Today I am thankful for God.
I'm thankful that He never changes, that He instills dreams and brings them to pass. I'm thankful for His patience and wisdom that He graciously shares with me to prevent me from my idiot impulses and/or fears. I can't explain it, so I basically won't try. I'll just paint this once in a lifetime scene.
It's cold outside, extremely green grass in contrast to the bare trees that await snow and a sunset to give us gold before the blue of winter comes. My cousin, Kathryn, has just returned home from two months in Zambia for her nursing and even though stricken with malaria she is the most beautiful and comfortable person to sit next to as she shares her pictures and tales. Can God get any more romantic (aside from her illness)? I never dreamt that I'd be hearing first hand her God ordained encounters with the beautiful people of Africa. My heart is so thankful. And baking pies side by side with Mary? Gah! How does God DO this for me??
I'm basically at peace with gratitude for this year and all the blessings that came out of disappointments and dreams that came out of broken ones.

Now if only I can fly.

PS: Tales of the road trip will follow once home. Because that is when I'll be missing it.

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