Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Precious

I never thought I would find anything to relate to with the villainous characters in The Lord of the Rings, but here we are folks. It has been over a week since I last saw my promise ring and I am going near insane with anxiety over its possible whereabouts and how it escaped me. Where is it?!!! Don't be surprised if you find me living under a mountain somewhere with all my hair fallen out. Or, just be careful if you find me giving nine rings away to power seeking men. Though I'm desperate for a search party I think I'll still need someone to keep me accountable from creating Ring Wraiths.

That pretty horse is Smokey, the desert version of Shadowfax.

Who do I blame? My arch nemesis...
If she thinks she's taking it to Mount Doom to destroy me she's got another thing coming.

Oh and PS: By "lost it" I mean literally misplaced it.
PPS: Can you tell what book I've been reading?

The Good Life

Today was an efficient day.
I met with a familiar nursing school friend, named "Just Kidding", who immediately took the wind out of my sails for my hoped for soon entry into the nursing program. Try as I may to keep my expectations to a bare minimum in thinking that I might just see the starting line (not the finish...the starting) only to find I am always a year away from ever hearing that pistol fire. Oh well. Once I actually become a nurse it will be something else that I am waiting on so, whatever life looks like now is the rest of it. And it doesn't look too shabby. Home I drove to the Sherlock Holmes soundtrack, feeling at peace despite my dissappointment, thinking about life and how predictable it is in its unpredictability. Which leads me to why I loved today.
So we hate the in house bugs, the crickets, roaches, scorpions, etc. but call us wretched if ever a lizard escapes our notice without possessing our full blessing on it to have a full life (with lots of bugs to eat). So imagine our dismay when such a lizard lay trapped in one of our bug motels, who's death is sticky beyond belief. Breathing shallowly with its eyes closed in accepted defeat our sympathy moved him to our top priority. Out came the scissors, q-tips, goo-be-gone, business cards, pencils and kleenex to rush to his aid. Boy was that guy stuck and the more time we spent with him the more we fell in love as hope returned to his little reptile body, breathing increasing in full and his eyes opened with ambition as he realized each little limb was being freed.... very slowly. No skin was hurt, no finger missing, we worked for half an hour till finally mom cradled his newly freed self in her hands and rinsed him clean.
So what did I do today that made today worth enjoying? I saved a lizard from a hopeless grave :) and if such empathy from a selfish human can be given to an insignificant lizard, how does God feel about me? How does He feel about us?

Breathing free

Look at his pretty coloring and his sleepy eyes!

And look at him springing to life and giving me a heart attack and almost breaking my camera

Released and soaking in the sun :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Kindred Spirits

Since 1987

I've known these kids since before my memory kicked in, (which was pretty late but that doesn't matter)  and man do I love them. When you're young and you have a strong sense of true friends you hope it only gets better as the years bring on the change. And though our times together look nothing like the dirt clod wars and alternate imaginative or post-apocalyptic stories we pretended I can say it has indeed, gotten better.
Because we went through salvation together and that bond is stronger than childhood. Phew! Jesus glue is more binding than memory glue. I'm glad He is so giving, nostalgic and sentimental. I'm so glad I can look at each of these people and see them as I remember them as they talk about their grown up woes, joys and jokes (that still make me laugh like nothing else can).