Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Precious

I never thought I would find anything to relate to with the villainous characters in The Lord of the Rings, but here we are folks. It has been over a week since I last saw my promise ring and I am going near insane with anxiety over its possible whereabouts and how it escaped me. Where is it?!!! Don't be surprised if you find me living under a mountain somewhere with all my hair fallen out. Or, just be careful if you find me giving nine rings away to power seeking men. Though I'm desperate for a search party I think I'll still need someone to keep me accountable from creating Ring Wraiths.

That pretty horse is Smokey, the desert version of Shadowfax.

Who do I blame? My arch nemesis...
If she thinks she's taking it to Mount Doom to destroy me she's got another thing coming.

Oh and PS: By "lost it" I mean literally misplaced it.
PPS: Can you tell what book I've been reading?

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