Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Meet my man, Earl. 
I know it's not common knowledge to the public but allow me to make it so. One December afternoon I put his required existence down on my Christmas wish list and thanks to my mother's good humor I found him peeking out of my stocking Christmas morn with the most romantic sign. He stands sentinel on my shelf alongside The Lord of the Rings, with his hip 1970's attire (thanks to mom). He's apparently pretty funny aaaaand he's rich. Heck if I see any of that money though since I'm pretty much broke. I also haven't made it to India and three jobs is a far cry from "never have to work." Boy my annoyance was growing over my disappointment. But then I found him in some old family photos and was tickled pink over how good of a sport he really is.

This was his first day in the family. It was a bit rough for him since my nephew openly rejected his existance as a legitimate uncle despite his own father's assurance and that of my own. That's a lot of pressure for such a little guy.
"Liam, meet your Uncle Earl!"
"...This is a joke right?"
"Why would I joke about this."

 But it's all good now and though it may have taken a while the added years have made him so much a part of the family that you can't even tell he once didn't fit in.

He's so good about looking at the camera. Sets an example for all the rest of us. 

Keep it up, Earl!!


Les is more said...

what was that one really weird movie, where a little girl's barbie came to life and married her dad?

f-less-africa said...

Haha! Life-Size?

Les is more said...

oh yeah life size! Dreams come true arica, hollywood says so you'd be a fool not to believe