Monday, December 31, 2012

Fate Awaits 2013

So much is ahead to learn, fail and overcome. I'm ready. I'm terrified. And ever God is impressing the truth of abiding in Him for survival.
Survival of what? What is to come?
In the midst of such anxious questions He calls to mind some memories, sweet memories of secret meetings with Him and also the hell of certain years that have proven feeble when meeting with His promises. He reminds us of Heaven. He reminds us of the glory that is more precious than the dreaming day to day life and sleepless nights here on earth. To Awake, and to taste true Reality is tempting me to sacrifice even more in the little months ahead of puny 2013 than my best year of servanthood.
Tomorrow is no different than the chance I had today. And yet ever tomorrow is more bright and prophetic than the mistakes I have made in the past 24hrs :) What do I think of the exhausted topic of the new year? It's too irregular for me to predict its appearance or ambiance. But I suppose then you could see it as a world between worlds. The continued journey on a road that has no standstills. The deep breath is over and now it is the plunge. It is not the journey's end, nor its beginning, but it is a surprise chapter that refuses to let us prepare for it. Aha! Touche, life. Touche.

In view of my circumstances I think to my selfish self, "I did not want to be here at all." Why, self?  Well, I don't actually know. And actually, after all the unexpected... I don't know where else I could be. Or should be. Or would be. I think God has this one. And I better get my abiding act together if I want anything in this short life to matter or last.

PS: The unexpected Asia journey's tales, mishaps and God's timely rescues all still to come...shortly..ish.

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