Sunday, June 9, 2013

Asia continued: Thailand '12

Dear Thailand... my, you are a strange memory aren't you... one that is hard to believe belongs to me and my passport. Looking at you I wonder if I'm learning another meaning of the word "compromise."

 'I'll give up the south of India to see Thailand with you if you will see the Taj Mahal with me.'
translated into
'I have gained Thailand as a mission trip reprieve, an unplanned adventure and a needed enrichment of India.'

 I'd like to make this feeling of disbelief at having been so unexpectedly in such a foreign place a regular phenomenon.

And I'd like to eat Thai food every week.

Dear adventure born of disappointment, be my timeline.
If you're going to experience culture shock it may be the smartest thing you ever do to plan on experiencing it in more than one place. 

And while you're at it, plan to meet up with some adventurous friends along the way.

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