Monday, July 4, 2011

Done and Done

I have been victorious and then beat. The victorious? Saturday I annhialated Swiss Family Robinson with the ferver of a student who's life and future depended on it. The book will receive a probable post since it took up three months of this year but it will not be this post (Aren't you excited? Hahaha). Almost as soon as I finished it I turned my attention to A Room With A View that was completed in the simplest manner of a simple read during a gorgeous canyon rain fall. It was pleasently and epicly simple. In two days time I had knocked out two books and had just enough daylight on Sunday to leave the condo under the cover of lightened rain clouds and take with me the treasure I had been committed to working towards since March. Within the first few chapters of my third book of the week, and with the help of each of my several romantic Oak Creek settings, I concluded that Jane Eyre and I were going to be very good friends for the upcoming days of our acquaintence. She may even be my best friend. Who knows. We'll see how desperate I get.
Being beat? It's odd. I feel as though I've lived several months within these past couple days, simply because I was enwrapped in other worlds who's time travelled much faster than mine. Slightly discouraging when I closed each binding for the last time to find that my world was just where I left it. I had experienced a ridiculous and unlikely survival and thriving adventure on a desert island with a Swiss family and all their ingenious and improbable luck. With that I still had time to journey to Italy and England to go through a season of love with some slightly ridiculous/slightly likeable english characters. All very busy at a stand still. How happy am I to be able to dive into a world where such an admirable character as Jane Eyre resides and narrates! Yes, we shall be very good friends indeed.

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- Happy 4th of July!!!! God bless America :) Oh precious country of mine

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