Friday, July 1, 2011


2010's 4th of July
My favorite holiday has come full circle and I find myself, once again, preparing to escape the Phoenix heat for a number of days. I look forward to this week as if it were a chance to regain all my sanity that was lost here and there over the year. Is life so crazy? Not really. I simply suck at keeping my head on straight no matter the circumstance, blessing or trial. So off I will go to be quiet, be honest with God and catch up on all that we haven't discussed yet (things get put on the back burner). 

Oh yeah. And I also plan to do a lot of this whimsical lying on the forest floor/creek rocks. Sometimes the canyon's timeless qualities make you so acutely aware of time's travel outside of its safe haven walls that it's all you can do to process all that it brought about or took away. Going there is therapeutic, I promise (despite the depressing picture I'm painting). 
If you couldn't tell God's direction in my life is still slightly fuzzy and I struggle to not take it personally that He hasn't just sent me a vision yet. Am I expecting a vision? No, not really. I'm just getting lazy in what feels like a guessing game now. So I intend to simply enjoy Him this week and all His peace, love and adventure. The lack of these beautiful four ladies will also produce the above painting for me. Their absence is always felt when going to Junipine without them.

Regardless of the lack of Kinkel cousins, a decided future plan and the interruption of coming home during the week to work, I am so looking forward to immersing myself in my favorite time of year in my favorite place on earth. Warm enough to crave the creek's freezing temperatures... days long enough to spend their entirety adventuring, creek hiking and reading in bare feet... and always the endless supply of chips and salsa, watermelon, blueberries, summer dinners, classic movies and family memories. I will also be a reading MACHINE. Unfortunately Swiss Family Robinson still haunts my reading list but by this weekend I am determined to see my bookmark absent from its 433 tiny print pages.
It and A Room with a View (which makes me long for a tourists occupation in Italy) will be checked off my list, put back on my shelf and returned to my sister. Jane Eyre here I come! How timely your arrival will be :)

PS: Smith girls, if you're in the neighborhood come by! I'd also like the go back to Lowell Observatory. Flagstaff trip, anyone?


from mel said...

oh how fun! and so sad. mags worked this 4th and we were in prescott. i hope your time in sedona was as magical as can be! miss you!

The North Orchard said...

oh Arica! just saw this, LOVE it. i love that picture and all the memories that go with it :) been longing for some time up North lately like crazy. miss you so much. i look forward to adventures together in these sanctuary places sometime soon!