Saturday, June 25, 2011

Date with God

Learner pilot, Deji and the two lucky passengers. The asphalt was burning through my sandals.

I've established that I have an irrational fear of heights, but I have not established that I have daydreams that often involve several of my irrational fears. Yesterday, however, God took my world by the hand and allowed me to live a daydream and conquer my fear of going into the unknown by going so high.
It was God planned. I'm convinced. Because these moments don't come to me often enough for me to think "It's just my luck." Oh no. My God definitely likes me, and oh how it thrills me (since I also go through serious times of feeling like He doesn't. Satan's lies are so cruel). I had a dream of flying in a helicopter, figuring it's as free in the sky as I would comfortably get, but felt it too expensive ($60 bucks is a lot) or unlikely for me to see it come true.
I met Deji briefly about a few months ago and within a short span of conversing I learned about his dream of becoming a pilot. His stamina of following that dream is incredibly inspiring and because of that I could not find any excuse to back down from my own little dream of simply riding in a chopper. News of his flying lesson was no sooner received until I abruptly asked if I could get a ride for free. Wonder of wonders and oh kind Deji, there was such an arrangement possible :). So a couple months later, and after a speeded drive over to the airfield, I found myself sitting in a helicopter for the first time, earphones and all! It's the closest I have ever felt to flying and oh what a feeling of freedom with no doors and the wind so strong that it alone is carrying you where it desires. What a treat! What a joy :) If only there were a day like this in every week. :)

Plans for my future may still be pending, things may not be exactly clear, but I feel the key is to not wait to let your dreams live (as I have learned the hard way). I may not be able to move forward with plans but I am able to experience such a joy in seeing past plans come to completion and success. He gives such good things. And best of all are the days where He takes me out, puts it together, and carries me along for the ride. All I have to do is praise Him for His goodness (whilst looking at our chopper's tiny shadow flying over the vast Arizona desert) and question how in the world I got there.
I may have to wait till tomorrow to get my direction, but today I can revel that a dream I thought impossible became an awesome reality :)
Thank you, God.

Getting buckled in. No doors! Just so we could hang our heads out and see this :)

Oh to fly

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from mel said...

Tonight I went on a walk and you came to mind. It was such a beautiful walk and these were the songs I listened to. We all need a little more Michael Giacchino in our lives. Do you like him? I wish we could have walked together.

enjoy!!! miss you!