Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vicarious Adventure

The eerie and epic soundtrack that remains timeless.

Each day provides progression in the Lord's clearing of my confusion in Him bringing the right choice into my reach. Of course I am not so easy to work with, bless His heart, and there are weeks, days...even bipolar hours where I morph into a frustrated mental scene best displayed through Spielberg's genius.

Nursing school, Me (frustrated by the identical choices), Ultrasound school

Can you tell? Yes, I had a whole day committed to watching one of my top 5 all time favorite movies, special features and all. This is not the kind of movie you can really draw parallels and life lessons from. It's pure adventure. But maybe that could be the life lesson. When a situation really sucks, when you might even get eaten, or be the prehistoric creature brought back to modern day only to be encaged (really the scenarios are endless)... might as well live it as your opportunity to break free from monotony and go against the odds and SURVIVE.

To keep from morphing into said dinosaur the Lord has given me some keys to not just survive but live. I asked, "Lord, what will You have me do? Where will You have me go?" He replied, "Get up. Get out of your bed, use the brain and heart I have given you and live!"
Huh. He's more personal and adventurous than I realized. He's also a lot more in tune with me than I am with myself. Oh how He knows me.

Side note:

My brain has been feeding off of this book's adventure for the past two months.

I'm trying to speed through it but I find myself fascinated over each chapter and all the little gadgets that this Swiss family is creating and engineering. The movie is another one of my favorites and I'm happy to discover that the book is no disappointment. Who would have known it would be so entertaining? It's one of those books that makes you want to go outside and live each chapter. Construct a ladder. Create a bow and arrow from bamboo (which I have!) and forest wood. I've looked at my neighborhood trees as possible homes now. And who didn't want all kinds of wild animals as pets? Seriously, this book is an amazing antidote for anxiety and mental boredom.

Live a vicarious adventure :) Go read (or watch Jurassic Park). And may it inspire you to engineer your own endless adventures wherever you may go ...

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Anonymous said...

I like the correlations your mind makes :) They are my favorite.