Friday, June 17, 2011

He gives good things

My God knows His children well. He pushes, grows and builds our faith through hard times but He also spoils and romanticizes. Some times when I feel like my life is no where near as epic as I want it to be I'll be reminded of those times in life that God blew me away with the tiniest of gestures to express His love for me and to feed the parts of my heart that He created for good. Most times only I will know how much He showed up for me in those moments. But I love to think about them and share them, simply because it communicates that God really does care about the little things and will freely give simply because He loves to.
I label these moments as some of the happiest moments of my life (for lack of better words). Really they are just little moments, but knowing that God gave them and He didn't have to is what made me love-struck with Him. He is a good God :)

I was coming home for Christmas break, I was missing the opportunity to travel with new found friends but my homesickness for my desert, its sunsets and my family was something I couldn't ignore. I wanted to be home for a little while.

 Everything about this time was perfect. I was home but Bodenseehof wasn't over and I'd be going back. Abbie was home from law school. The weather was typical for our Decembers. Quite different from the green and wet of Germany. I think this was the Christmas that dad got his six shooter, so to celebrate we went shooting. It was my first time. My family together, the sun setting on fire and an open desert before us.

Dad and Zander

Loving the shotguns

Rachel was here!

Dad, becoming John Wayne and saving the west.

Zander had us do drills. Running out from behind the car and shooting up your target. I still don't understand the point, but it made you feel like you were in a western (with all safety precautions, of course) :)

I was in love

 It was just a couple weeks of God granting my wish for what I longed for, and goodness knows that wasn't the case when I came home for the final time, but it's important for me to remember that circumstances will always change, time will change everything, and even His reactions to us and our pleadings may be different to each circumstance, but He never changes. Whatever part of His giving heart was visible in those weeks is always there. Even when He says, "No," or "Wait." He never changes and loves those moments that we treasure just as much as we do since He created them. But He doesn't stop there. He keeps creating these moments. Each unique. Each a blessing that you cannot thank Him enough for... And you'll hear about those other moments too. :)

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