Tuesday, January 24, 2012


My world has felt so small this month with the working of school, the new year, and preparations for my best friend's wedding in March that it has felt like it's packed a year's worth of events into a condensed 4 weeks or so. How timely our reunion then! The Toth cousins came to broaden our borders and to have them leave is a sad thing.  Especially since we hit a bizarre wave of spring weather and it's left with them. Though an early tease it was welcomed  to encourage our plans of outdoor adventures with zoos, wildlife parks, hiking, sling shots, archery and rock climbing. Not to mention the multiple movie viewings each and every night. I love family reunions :)

What doesn't make me happy? My sister's cat continues to prove to me that in my attempt at living vicariously through her in owning a feline I am forever thanking God that mom kept me from commiting myself to such an animal. Whether it be Tzeitel's innocent curiosity in smearing herself against a freshly painted wall, chewing on a set of shelves I'm attempting to put together, or her out right brattish antics of stealing my face scrubber from my sink and hiding it under the dining table, jumping on my face in the morning and/or attacking me at random around each corner. Life just wouldn't be normal without an arch nemesis and Tzeitel has graciously offered herself up as mine. It's a love/hate relationship. And don't worry, there isn't a fight we face that isn't resolved by the end of the hour... and then reconvened.

From arch nemesis to soul mate, somehow this creature makes my most miserable hours of school work into the best of memories. She spent 24 hours straight with me as I crammed 5 weeks worth of statistics and math homework and studying into a few days. We broke briefly for her to go out and eat or whatever dogs do outside, but I ate, worked, cried, spaced out and slept in that room with her ever snoring and twitching (she's been dreaming a ton lately) self as my moral support. It's such a comfort to have someone pass through an all-nighter with you and still be ready for round two. So really, it's been 48 hours.
I like her :)
Math has me beat. I can sigh now and turn my mind to writing papers for today I made a pitiful attempt at finals. Will the grades suffice? ...Isn't that always the question?

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