Monday, January 30, 2012

Painted for a Morning :)

I'm in love. Oh so in love with color. How in the world can it produce so much beauty?? Which leads to my next question: How in the WORLD do the Indians do it? Asia has got something on color, and I'm just happy they share it. 
So with failed plans of a personalized Holi Festival last year, naturally we jumped at the chance to get a sort of modified Phoenix version. Ladies and gentlemen, The Color Run. It's a simple 5k "run" and at every kilometer you go through a color zone in which you are painted with holi powder. So many stinkin' people came but I guess that also adds to the "Indian Festival" experience. My sister, family friend and I were unsuccessful in finding the rest of our team (seriously, the crowd was natural disaster size) but in the end we met with success after calling for them via microphone on the stage and reveled in our painted Avatar glory :) I have never felt more like running wild screaming "Broowaa!" in my life. Goodness knows what an actual Holi Festival would do to us.

Yes I did.

Due to potent powder's ability to ruin technology I opted to leave my camera at home and save its use for the aftermath.

The Color Run, Tempe

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